Tokens are items you can earn for free every hour by visiting the Token Dabu “Cecie”. They can also be earned by playing other games, such as Scratchcards and Cube Grab, or be obtained as a reward for completing a Space Quest.

There are 10 tokens in total, the following seven can be obtained from either method previously mentioned:

Blue Token | Bronze Token | Green Token | Orange Token

Purple Token | Red Token | Yellow Token


The following three Tokens can be obtained by trading the above tokens at the Token Booth:

Silver Token | Gold Token | Platinum Token

  • Silver Token: Traded for one of each of the seven tokens
  • Gold Token: Traded for two Silver Tokens
  • Platinum Token: Traded for one Silver Token and two Gold Tokens


The Token Booth also hold several goodies and collection items, as well as Pirate Snow Jar and Pirate Morphing Potions. Each season the Token Booth also rotates its stock of seasonal items and Goodie Bags, so be sure to stock up before they’re gone (until the next year, that is!).

Tokens have also an additional use: They can all be frozen in the Ice Box; the Ice Cube you’ll get can be later added to your Collection or turned in to complete a Snowman Quest.