Newbie Guide

As a new IcePets member, you might be wondering what the site has to offer, what’s the best way to navigate and enjoy it in general. This guide will hopefully help you soar through all the important aspects so you can start having fun as soon as possible!

The following index will help you navigate to different section within the guide:

If you have any questions regarding the guide, or feel like there should be something else included, message Silvy on Icepets.

Getting your First Pet

You start off playing by either creating a pet or adopting one in the Adoption Center. Both options have pros and cons, however, it’s up to you to decide which way you’d rather go:

  • Adoption: you open your heart to a pet without a home, regardless of its species, color, and/or name.
  • Pet Creation: you decide on the pet’s species and color.

The Adoption Center also allows you to view all pet colors available for each species.

Pet Closet

One of the most unique features of the site is that your pet will have a closet you can visit, and you’ll be able to decide which species and color you’d like your pet to be. The downside is that you can only choose from species and colors you’ve already unlocked. If you’re wondering how to do this, keep reading!

There are two magical items that will help you change your pet’s species and color:

  • Snow Jars (SJ): will only change the color of your pet.
  • Morphing Potions (MP): will change the pet’s color and and species to the one the potion indicates.

Both of these potions can be found at the Snow Jar Igloo, however like any rule, there are a few exceptions:

  • The Pirate SJ & MP are only available via the Token Booth.
  • The Space SJ & MP are only available through the Quest Store.
  • The Jakrit MP come seasonally through the ICE Shop.
  • The Xephyr MP are only available on Golden Touch.

Earning Ice Points (IP)

First of all, you can play games (click here to view our games guide!) and do daily activities at the Arcade. This will allow you to start building up your account in order to being able to do a lot more stuff! Our main page offers quick links to all activities.

  • Tip: some games can be ‘hacked’ to lower the wait time. This can be done so by purchasing a Universal Hacking Device (UHD) from the ICE Shop for 2,100 ICE Cash (IC).



Quests are a good way to earn some IP by purchasing the requested items from NPC shops and bringing them back to claim an IP reward. Beware, though, that this IP reward will be around 1.5x the item’s official value, which can be found via Search feature. You can also purchase the required items from User Shops, however it’s possible to get a significantly lower reward compared to what you spend on an item, so purchase from others carefully.

If you’re wondering how to make a profit on quests if it’s not wroth buying from user shops, keep reading!

  • Invest on Quest Request Lists: (Space Quest Request List, Snowman Quest Request List, Weapon Quest Request List, Plushie Quest Request List, Candy Quest Request List). These books are common prizes from the Big Red Button (BRB), and may be found for cheap on user shops or the Scrap Shop(Click here to see what you can get from the Big Red Button!)
  • Reading these books to your pet will allow you to view all items that may be requested for quests. Once you read a book, you can revisit it by going to the Library.
  • Invest some of your earned IP on restocking these items from NPC shops. You can decide then to sell them in your shop, or save them up in your Storage!


Quests require you to bring different types of items:



In simple terms, restocking is when any of the NPC get stocked with items for users to purchase. It is how most items in the site are obtained by users, who later may put them up for sale in their own shops at a more elevated price. Restocking is also the core for doing Quests, as it allows you to receive maximum profit.

All items are “tagged” with one out of seven rarity categories/numbers, which basically means how rare an item is, and will indicate their difficulty to be found throughout the economy. These rarities are:

  • Incredibly Common (rarity 1)
  • Common (rarity 2)
  • Uncommon (rarity 3)
  • Rare (rarity 4)
  • Super Rare (rarity 5)
  • Special Event (rarity 6)
  • Retired (rarity 7)


Where to restock, you might wonder?
IcePets has 12 shops, being the Golden Touch the only store that does not stock quest items. These shops are:

Food Mall | Frozen Treats | Battle Shop | Snow Jar Igloo | Frozen Collectives Emporium | Books | Toys | Post Office
Sugar Rush | Grooming Parlour | Plushie Mania | Golden Touch


Additionally, every summer Icepets hosts a themed contest, and one of these themes is a Restock War. While rules may vary from year to year, during the Restock War users are encouraged to restock in order to build points for their teams, and the team with the most amount of points will win the best prizes.



Collections is a fun Icepets feature to dive into, and they are divided in two categories: User Collections and Pet Collections:

  • User Collections: accessed via your own user profile, these collections include Stamps, Avatars, Ice Cubes, and Gourmet.
  • Pet Collections: accessed by visiting your desired pet’s profile, these collections include Books, Beauty, Plushies, and Pet Colours. (Clicking on the amount of items in the collection will take you to the collection page).


Stamp Collection
Stamps restock in the Post Office and can be added to your stamp album only once. Click here to visit our Stamps database, which describes how to obtain them all!

Avatar Collection
An avatar is an image located under your username on their forums and displayed on your user profile as well. If you’re interested in getting them all, click here to visit our Avatar Solution page!

Ice Cube Collection
This collection is a unique feature of the site. Ice Cubes can be obtain via Frozen Collectives Emporium, or created in the Ice Box, among other places. Our Ice Cube collection database if found here, you’re welcome to check it out!

Gourmet Foods are specialty food items you can collect. Beware, though that collecting does not mean feeding it to your pet! Our Gourmet Foods page is found here.

Reading any book to your pet will add it to its Library and therefore to its book collection. Click here to find about all books on Icepets!

Restocking at the Grooming Parlour, beauty items are added to your pet’s collection when used on them. All beauty items can be found displayed here.

These toys can be either used by your pet to play with them, or collected. Keep in mind that if you play with a plushie, it will not be added to your collection. We’ve got the details on how to get all the plushies here to make collecting easier!

Pet Color
Found within your pet’s profile, the closet allows you to change its species and color to any of the combinations you’ve previously unlocked. Please refer to the Pet Closet section above for more information.