Jakrit Hunt

Every April, Icepets hosts a scavenger hunt type of event that lasts two weeks, where you’ll be able to find up to 40 Jakrit Eggs randomly hidden all over the site, per day. In addition, Makoats will be guarding a hidden stash of eggs that change locations every 10 minutes. Finding the stash will award you one additional Jakrit Egg every time.

During the event, you can turn in your Jakrit Eggs to the Easter Store and receive 5 Easter Credits (EC). However, if you decide to open the Jakrit Egg, you’ll receive an empty egg along with a prize. If you take your empty egg to the Easter Store, you may exchange it for 1 EC.

Additionally, you can turn in your Eggs at the Jigsaw Puzzle page to create an Easter Basket.

To view an in-depth page of prizes available for each bundle below, click on the titles.

2011 Jakrit Eggs


2012 Jakrit Eggs


2013 Jakrit Eggs


2015 Jakrit Eggs


2016 Jakrit Eggs


Five Random Jakrit Eggs

The ICE Shop stocks Five Random Jakrit Eggs for the duration of the event, for 250 Ice Cash (IC) each. It will award 5 random Jakrit Eggs.

Springtime Surprise Basket

The Springtime Surprise Basket was released on 2018 (towards the end of the event) and was found stocking in NPC Shops, as well as given out as Quest rewards, for two weeks. When opening it, you get 1 random item.

Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion

Stocking in the I.C.E. Shop during the event for 500 Ice Cash (IC), it rewards one Jakrit Morphing Potion from all available colors.