Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes are a fun collectible item on Icepets and unlike other collections, Ice Cubes are a unique feature of the site.

Ice Cubes can be obtain in several different ways. Some may be purchased from the Frozen Collectives Emporium, others can be made in the Ice Box, typically costing 1,000 IP but may sometimes cost more. The prices are noted in the list below.

You can take a great number of items to the Ice Box to transform them into an ice cube, and the process cannot be reverted. This means that you can freeze an item, but not “melt” it back to it’s original form. However, if you freeze an item that cannot be made into an ice cube, you will receive a melting ice cube instead.

To illustrate the above information, if you wanted to, for example, create a “60s Jakrit Egg Ice Cube”, you’d need to take the “60s Jakrit Egg” item into the Ice Box and freeze it; you’ll lose the Jakrit Egg, but get its frozen version in return.

If you know of an item listed here with missing information please let us know in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

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