During the month of October, Icepets’ Halloween activities begin, typically lasting whole the month.

Grave digger: Similar to other events, the Grave Digger game allows users to click on an image (grave) to try to win an item. You can choose a new grave every 30 seconds, but that time decreases to 15 seconds if you activated a Universal Hacking Device (UHD) on any site feature. A new game runs every 30 minutes once somebody wins and, near the end of the month, it’s lowered to every 15 minutes.
Grave digger items change each year. We will list the items for the 2018 event once it starts and prizes are announced.

Free Halloween Costume: If you visit the Beauty King, he will give a user one free Halloween costume, which will automatically turn your pet into the Halloween colour.

Trick-or-treat: Members can stock their doorstep with food items from the site. Using up to 3 Halloween pets with an empty Halloween Treat Bag each, users can trick-or-treat at these doorsteps. To get an empty Halloween Treat Bag, you can restock them in the NPC shops.

Blob event: It was introduced in 2017, however, it is uncertain if this event will reoccur.


Another fun aspect of Halloween on Icepets is restocking and opening presents! There are currently five presents which restock each year in the NPC shops for the duration of the event, however they’re also available year-round as potential Haunted House prizes. The Slimy present was introduced in 2018 for the Blob; since it’s possible it may return in future events, their prizes are also included.

Scary Present | Sinister Present | Spectral Present | Spooky Present | Supernatural Present | Slimy Present

Inside some of these presents you will also receive the items below, which are also openables. These items used to be available during past Halloween events, but can only be found in presents or the Haunted House now.

Soul Stealer (Scary Present) | Ghost Costume (Spectral Present) | Ghost Costume 2 (Sinister Present)

Want to know what these items have inside? Click here to visit our openables guide on them.