Avatar Solutions

Avatars are a feature on Icepets that allow you to have an image located under your username on their forums.

There are three kinds of avatars: default (available to everyone and not displayed on this page), Secret, and Custom.

Secret avatars require certain actions performed in order to unlock them, and the difficulty to unlock varies from one to another. Some secret avatars are created by Icepets’ staff, and others were funded by members.

Custom avatars are purchased at the ICE Shop and created just for you; they are located at the bottom of your avatar page, in its own table.

These two avatars will become available after your first purchase of a Custom Avatar & Pixel Custom Avatar, respectively.


See the list below to find out how to unlock your favorite secret avatar!

Many thanks to Cowpro for his avatar user guide, which helped us compile the majority of these. We will continue to update as new avatars are released and solutions found. If you see a funded avatar on here without credit to the funder, please let us know in the comment box below!

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