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Established in April 26th, 2018, Token Dabu is a fansite created by lovers of Icepets. Our goal is to host helpful guides and useful databases for those seeking ways to find that elusive item or avatar they’re after. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave a message below.

Much credit to icepetsguides for helping us get a start in the right direction!

August 24th 2018

What happened to all the guides and pages?!?

Due to a change in our positions on icepets.com since the creation of this fansite we are unable to keep it updated and continue forward as we had previously.

If you are familiar with wordpress (or are willing to learn), and would like to take over the adding of content please contact IcePrincess on icepets.com with your interest. Consider adding any previous experience to your message as well. Looking forward to being able to reopen for everyone!

Thank you,
Silvy & IcePrincess

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